Class Assignment

I’m blessed with an amazingly creative friend, even more so am I blessed that she values my opinion to support her creativity. So when I attended Aradia Mistwood’s class on blogging, and she had the evilness in her heart to give us homework ! *shock horror* I felt it natural to write about a very special dress.

It was late November, and I was busy stressing over a fantastic fashion show at Zuri Rayna’s mall connected with her Jewellery shop. Irina had been bitching (as she and I so often do to each other) that she couldn’t get the shading to look nice on her new elfy dress. At some point I’d offered to have a look, but truth was, I was very content rather trying to sort the fashion show details, so when she didn’t send me any screenshots, I didn’t pursue it, and likely I too was a wee bit too distracted, and thinking maybe she’d sorted it.
And time passed
It was early December, the day of the show, and my mind wasn’t at all at Poet’s Heart, when Irina suddenly started dropping folders at me, first I think I was a bit irritated, I was sorting last details, then I read the name of the folders, and slowly my blonde brain woke up … “Eleya’s Song” … she couldn’t possibly … I was just clicking accept, my vision half blurred with tears when I read her special NC:

This gown’s inspired by my best friend Eleya Kenin.

We met some 10 years ago in an RP server in Neverwinter Nights online and we’ve been friends ever since. We don’t always agree about everything, in fact we have completely opposite opinions on certain things, but it’s never affected our friendship

She plays a light bard, one of the best healers in the entire server, in a pwnage game we both play in addition to SL, and she’s saved my vampire’s sorry butt from death for more times than I can count. I got the inspiration to make this gown bard-ish from that light bard, and also because I couldn’t create anything without her being there to offer a second opinion or tossing ideas with me. She is my muse, my best friend and she always will be.

Joyous Yuletime and Happy New years, my bestie! <3


Eleya’s Song comes in 6 pastel colours, plus one special one she made for me; this special one is the one I chosed for this, as the spcific assignment was to blog on our favourite outfit.
Consisting of one Mesh skirt, system top and a mesh top thingie, complete with the harp and laurel for the hair.

Outfit: Poet’s Heart Eleya’s Song (special colour she made just for me, I love you Irina !)
Jewellery: Alienbear
                 Sakura Wishes necklace JRF 2011
                 Sakura bracelet lt PCF2011 Special
                 Sakura Lady Ring (lt) PCF special
Skin: *League* Amber Fair
Ears: LOGO Classic Elf Ears
Hair: LeLutka] VIBRATO hair – Powder
Nails: Candy Nail – Shine Silver
Pose: IsoMotion
Location: Tempura Island

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Feeling so blonde !

Okay, so I’m totally thankful that there was a first post I could just edit to have my own writings, mayhaps in a year or two I’ll be less blonde and find my way around all of thisĀ  :)>